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PPC Services

Google Ads (Previously AdWords)

We specialise in running Google Ads. We harness years of experience, technical expertise and commercial awareness to drive better results for our clients.

Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads)

Microsoft Ads is a great platform for brands to expand their reach from just Google Ads. Whilst typically much lower volume, Microsoft Ads can output some very efficient results when used correctly.

Shopping Ads

Google and Bing shopping ads have changed significantly over the years. With a rise in the performance max campaign type, it is important to ensure optimal strategies are being employed to regain control over your data and results. We have vast amounts of experience with E-commerce and shopping to drive results with a modern shopping setup.

Feed Management

We make sure that feed optimisation and management is done right. We are well versed in feed management, shopping and comparison shopping services. We make sure your setup is optimal to better power the data used for shopping ads.


Maximise the value of the traffic to your website with remarketing. Display remarketing across GDN (Google Display Network) can drive incremental conversions that would otherwise be abandoned and lost.


We do a full tracking review and/or implementation to ensure that PPC results are measured correctly. In a world of machine learning and bidding strategies, having great data is a requirement to maximise the performance of PPC. Despite this, tracking is an area a large number of brands struggle to implement effectively.


We make custom automated reports to track the KPIs that matter to your business.

We like to work as close to the bottom line of profitability as is possible, directly aligning ourselves with the metrics most important to your business.


PPC Audits & Consultancy

As a standard we audit every PPC account prior to any work for free. We spend hours carrying out a in-depth analysis with an actionable road map to improve overall performance.

If you have an internal PPC team, we can provide consultancy services to assist in driving performance.

Our Approach

We never provide a generic, cookie-cutter PPC strategy. PPC is a complex topic and varies from business to business. Before prescribing medicine, you need to understand the symptoms. Before creating a PPC strategy, we need to understand the account. The types of campaigns that are running, account structure, budget allocation, bid strategies and many other factors can affect the marketing strategy that would improve performance. 

After completing our audit, we can then create a strategy that is unique to your business and industry, based on the challenges you face. That’s why it’s essential for us to audit an account before proposing any strategy or starting any work. 

The Process

Our simple process to get started.

Audit & Strategy

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Regular Updates


Pay-per-click (PPC for short) is a term derived from online advertising in which the model of billing is based on a cost of a user clicking an advert. Historically, the term PPC has been used to refer to paid search advertising. However, the term is also often used to describe other media such as paid social and display advertising.

Whilst it’s still very common in the industry to refer to Google Ads and Microsoft Ads as “PPC”, the platforms have developed over the years and have billing models other than pay-per-click available within them.

PPC management entails the strategic oversight and optimisation of campaigns to achieve the best results possible. For us this is for campaigns across Google Ads and Microsoft Ad, ensuring budget is placed towards the right campaigns and that campaigns are optimised, meeting targets and pacing in line with any set budgets.

Effective PPC management involves being able to analyse and interpret campaign data to provide valuable insights and then ultimately actions off the back of the insight to optimise activity – further improving performance. This covers a vast array of levers that are available to PPC marketers such as running search query reports, configuring conversion events, using the right bid strategies, keyword and campaign structures, audiences, budget allocation, etc. Then ultimately using levers to drive the better efficiency and volume whether the efficiency is measured by a target return on ad spend (ROAS), cost per action (CPA) or even working towards a gross profit, contribution profit or new customer acquisition cost based on a customer lifetime value.

We manually check performance for every account on a daily basis. Additionally, we use scripts, reporting and automated rules to check for variances in performance compared to previous periods.

Additionally, we monitor performance vs a rolling average of 3/7/14/30 days depending on the size and seasonality of the account, to spot any deviations in performance.

We pride ourselves on being on top of the accounts both in terms of strategy and optimisation and monitoring to ensure performance and any budget pacing is always on track.

Whilst we have experience across a wide variety of marketing channels and PPC platforms, we are currently only offering services for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. Although we don’t offer other channels at the moment, we’re happy to advise on other channels. We also utilise our knowledge of other channels to appropriately integrate Google and Microsoft Ads into the overall marketing mix.

We can be very flexible with our reporting to meet your needs. However, as a standard for all clients we:

Build automated reporting and as such have close to real time data across our marketing activity readily available. We adapt our reports to your needs and build reports around the KPI’s that matter for ad optimisation and commercial performance.

In addition to our automated reporting, we a more in-depth report including additional insight, actions and strategy moving forward on a monthly basis.

No! The audits are 100% free. After we audit an account, you are under no obligation to work with us to fix anything we raise in the audits or to work with us to implement any strategy suggestions we propose. 

The audits we do are done manually and often take many hours to complete. We find they add significant value to potential clients even if they don’t end up working with us.

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